Creative Graphic Design Studio

Corporate Identity.

Design and creation of a logo is the visual foundation of your identity. It is essential for a memorable first impression and lasting identification. Your corporate identity should be lively, with a good combination of the colours, visual appearance or style, name, tipography, intensity and the size. Appropriate usage of these elements will provide uniqueness and make it memorable.

With all this elements company or organization makes a visual statement about itself and shares its business philosophy. It is an enduring symbol of how a firm views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember it.

We are big supporters of timeless logos, simplicity and clarity, but we always follow the trends.

Your corporate identity can be seen in several forms, such as:

• Business Cards
• Stationery Materials
• T-shirts

• Labels
• Name Cards
• Signage

• Stickers
• Merchandising Materials
• …

For those, who want to market themselves and their careers as brands, we also provide Personal Branding – Self Branding design. As it is said, success comes from self-packaging.

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