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Head Office

Oxystudio Kristijan Kalaba s.p.
Kajuhova cesta 13
1230 Domžale, Slovenia

tel: +386 (1) 72 41 881
email: info[at]
tax code: SI72679042


Kristijan Kalaba (CEO)
email: kristijan.kalaba[at]
gsm: +386 (31) 332 025

Janja Lepenik (Project Manager)
email: janja.lepenik[at]
gsm: +386 (41) 391 278

Have A Question?

About starting a design project?

Leave us a message. Write something about your project & don’t be afraid to ask “stupid” questions if you don’t know anything about design. We are here to help you.

About pricing?

We don’t have fixed prices, but they vary depending on what’s needed. We’re happy to send a quote or give a ballpark when we know more specifics.

About work that you can not find in our reference tab?

We have published only a few references, but this is not everything we do and we are delighted when we can do things we haven’t done before.

About …?

Just ask. We do not bite or eat people 🙂


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